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12 May 2008 @ 04:24 pm
character application process  

Character Application Process

(1) Pick a character! If you are unsure of who you would like to pick up, Marvel's X-Men Character Category should be helpful. amx_men's roster can be found here, along with restricted characters, characters up for adoption, and a wish list (although we'd love an application for any character). Remember to research your character thoroughly, especially if it is a character originating from the comics and not the movies. It is preferable that if your character is from the comics, you therefore are familiar with the comics your character has been in. If we believe you do not suffiently know your character in this case, there is a good chance your application will be rejected.

(2) Make a journal for your character. If and when you are accepted, already having a journal set up will be helpful to the joining process!

(3) Fill out the application below and comment to this post with your finished results. If you must post more than one comment because of the comment word limit, that's fine. Please indicate in the comment subject line it is a continuation of your application.


In addition, or rather more importantly, please fill out your character's profile as the bulk of your application. If you are accepted, you will be required to fill this profile out anyway for your character's journal. It's an easy way to kill three birds with one stone, for you and for us!

A Word on Characterization:
Like in fanfiction, the Mary and Gary Sue is a dangerous pitfall of the RPG. While we don't want to be characterization Nazis, we refuse to tolerate blatant self-insertion when it comes to characters many of us know and love. While literary wiggle room is more than allowed, you must stay true to the major character traits of your chosen RP character. The moderators will be doing extra research into every new character so as to better acquaint ourselves with them, and be better equipped to evaluate characterization.

(4) Wait to be accepted. This may take anywhere from a few days to a week. If we don't respond after a week, please PM one of the mods to let us know you are still waiting.

(5) Request to join the amx_men, amx_press and amx_insanity communities.

(6) Add everyone in the community as your friends. Don't worry, they will add you back eventually. To add all at once, you can follow the instructions here.

(7) Introduce yourself and your character at amx_insanity!. Please remember to also post your character profile at your character's journal.

(8) Start Playing!

If, however, your application is rejected, you will unfortunately not be given the go-ahead to join the RPG.

Applications can be rejected for any of the following reasons:
- The application was not filled out correctly, or was filled out but was not submitted with the required application scene.
- Not enough research was done into the character's background, or, if research was done, it was poorly conveyed.
- The portrayal of the character is not consistent with his/her personality.
- The scene itself was poorly written, lacked editing, flow or coherency, or did not meet the requirements stated above.

If your application has been rejected, and you wish to reapply after doing more research, improving your writing skills, or switching to a more familiar character to you, you may. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance, however, reapplication will not be permitted until a two month period has passed between the time for your first application's rejection and your second application.

The opportunity to reapply does not guarantee that you will be approved, particularly if the same problems arise within your application. You are given one chance to reapply, and one chance only.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to comment here at our FAQs/Questions page or email amxmoderators@gmail.com with them!
CWolfeh: <XM> Solitudecrazedwolf on June 19th, 2008 07:52 pm (UTC)
Anole Part 1
Your Name/Alias: CWolfeh
Livejournal User Account: crazedwolfEmail Address</i>: spider_wolfeh@yahoo.com
Character: Victor Borkowski aka Anole
LJ Account: camouflagedsoul
"Mom, I promise, everything is fine." Kicking the refrigerator door shut, Victor turned to snag his bottle of juice off the counter as he headed into the living room, listening to his mother ramble on and on about all the horrible things she's been hearing about. She was worried and Vic understood that so he just smiled faintly and listened, reassuring her here and there that he was fine.

"Are you sure you don't want to come back home?"

"I'm sure mom. I'm doing fine and school is going great." Except for the part where people constantly gave him crap about being green. "I've only got one more year and then I'll be done. Hopefully then I'll be able to actually start a full time career." Sinking down onto the window seat adorning the large window in the center of his living room, the lizard-mutant cradled the phone against his shoulder while he opened his bottle. "No, mom, you don't need to send anymore care packages, really. I'm fine!" In reality he was a bit low on cash but he had enough to get by until he could find a part time job somewhere. His mother, of course, didn't need to know he was currently 'between jobs'. They were having a hard enough time as it was affording their house that they didn’t need to be worrying about his as well.

Snagging the remote as his mother finally relented and changed to the topic of his relatives, he clicked it on and started flipping, blowing past a few movies and television shows before he reached the news stations. The hot topics were all the same and the tags of ‘Mutant threats?’ and ‘How to deal with the mutant problem’ made him frown, lingering for a brief moment before he blew past those stations as well. It was the same thing day in and day out and Vic was honestly getting tired of hearing it. Very tired.

”Oh! Your cousins are flying in this weekend. I wish you could come out as well.”

“I do too mom. I really do but you know that’d be impossible.” Stopping on a movie that he had watched a thousand times over already, Vic tossed the remote down onto the pillow resting beside him and pulled his feet up to get comfortable. The juice was set aside as well and green eyes watched the scenes play out before him, the frown that had been decorating his lips disappearing as his good mood started to return. His mother’s words started to fade out as he lost himself in the antics of the movie’s cast, amused by the special effects that created the mummy they all feared as they sought to find a way to destroy it. He practically had the movie memorized now but that didn’t make it any less fun to watch.

”Honey are you—“ A pounding knock on his apartment door made Victor snap out of his movie daze and fight back a groan. Yeah, this was a common occurrence and he knew what was coming.

“Mom, can I call you back?” He murmured as he slipped off the window seat and slowly started for the door. Goodbyes were said and the phone was snapped shut just as another pounding knock shook the door.

”OI! Mutie! Open up!” Victor’s jaw clenched and he slid the chain off the door and flipped the bolt lock, resisting the urge to haul off and punch the man on the other side who was there demanding rent.

Yay for life in New York City huh?

Character Information
Name: Victor Borkowski
Codename: Anole
Age/DOB: 21/April 3
Affiliations: X-Men eventually(?)
Occupation: College Student at current.

Physical Traits:
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 119lbs
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: Green
CWolfehcrazedwolf on June 19th, 2008 07:53 pm (UTC)
Anole Part 2
Victor's reptilian mutation is the cause of his green semi-scaly skin, a spiked head carapace, prehensile sticky tongue, and the ability to stick to solid surfaces. Also due to his mutation, Victor has also been granted with enhanced agility (he naturally has a gymnasts grace), speed, reflexes (he can dodge and weave with the best of them), coordination, and balance; these attributes put him on par with a gymnast even though he has never had the proper training that most spend their entire lives trying to gain.

Vic also has the ability to blend in with his surroundings and become virtually "invisible". This “invisible” feature of his powers also makes him immune to “danger senses” or the sixth sense that goes off in some people’s minds when danger is close by or afoot. It is also believed that, if need be, he could also grow back lost limbs due to a possible lizard-like regeneration ability. (I.E. When a lizard loses its tail, they are able to regenerate it without problem.) This added feature to his mutation is strictly speculation as he has never been in a situation that required such an ability to show itself.

The biggest limitation that Victor faces at current is due to his ability to blend into his surroundings. While he is able to become a part of any type of surrounding, his ability is affected greatly by his emotional state. Fluxes in various emotions can cause his “invisibility” to trigger without his wanting it to and can also cause it to “turn off” at sometimes-inconvenient times. Another limitation to this part of his mutation is that fact that he is not able to turn others “invisible” as well. Whether or not he will be able to in the future is unknown.

The second biggest limitation, or weakness as the case may be, that Victor faces is that like his lizard ‘brethren’, he is extremely sensitive to the cold. When put into a cold weather situation, his body will begin to shut itself down and he becomes lethargic, unable to function as he normally would. It requires a heat source of some kind for the reptilian teen to snap out of this daze.

If there is one thing that can be said about Victor, it’s that he is an honorable person through and through. Vic has never the type to “attack first than ask questions later”, he is the type that will do the quick thinking needed to sort out the situation at hand in full. He is not blind to the line between right and wrong but at the same time is willing to touch and see that gray area that lies between if need be. While not the type to forgive every little thing that happens, Victor is, at the same time, not the type of person that jumps to conclusions before he knows the facts. If someone is innocent, then he will act in kind and the same can be said for if a person is guilty as charged. He's not afraid to speak his mind on most subjects, always thinking things through before he does so though. At the same time, he's also the type that will listen to what others have to say and consider all their ideas.

Victor is definitely a people person. He’s one of those big-hearted people that enjoy being near others. Those people that he gets close to are almost like a security blanket for the teen. It’s not that he takes advantage of them or anything of that sort but more that they are strength, the thing that keeps him going through it all. Vic will do what it takes to protect these people close to him and is not afraid of the sacrifices that might have to be made in the end to ensure that they will not get hurt. His friends are also the ones that he will open up too without hesitation; otherwise Vic is careful about what information others are able to pull from him and what emotions they are able to see in him. He’s not cold and closed off but careful.
CWolfeh: <XM> Gambitcrazedwolf on June 19th, 2008 07:54 pm (UTC)
Anole Part 3
Violent in nature? Hardly. If the situation calls for it however, he’s not afraid to act and while jump into the fray alongside the best of them but he doesn’t do it with a muddled head. Vic is the type to keep his wits about him and still think clearly while in the midst of battle making him a valuable strategist and leader.

Amidst the fighter that he has become, there is also a part of Victor that is still your average everyday teenage. While not a pacifist by any means, Victor is rather laid back, enjoying the simple things in life when possible since, to him, the simple things are what make it all worth it in the end. He enjoys things that other teens enjoy and just likes to hang out when he can, watching a movie or indulging himself in a good book. Vic is a lot more mature than most people his age that have not experienced all that he has but he also knows how to just sit back and enjoy.

Born to the Borkowski family of the Chicago, Illinois area, Vic was a definite shock to his parents and the doctors present at the time of his birth. Green skinned with a spiky carapace instead of hair, the young Victor was an oddity from the start. Now, most people may have been put off and not wanted anything to do with the child but Caroline and Stephen were not those types of people. Sure, it was a shock and not at all what they had been expecting their first child to look like but they welcomed him into their family without hesitation. Much like his parents, the community in which the Borkowski’s lived in acted in much the same way considering there were several other families within the neighborhood had mutant children or parents. Victor was able to grow up just like all the other kids his age, attending public school and playing out doors without the fear of persecution. Though that didn’t mean that aggression wasn’t building around them. One could say that the town was in a sort of bubble for a long time, protected from the hate groups and fighting going on around them. But, as in every case, all good things must come to an end.

Their happiness would last up until the time Victor entered middle school. Just like many other cities across the country, Chicago was next on the list of places to be taken over by government officials with bitter feelings towards the mutant community and thus the Borkowskis were forced to leave, moving to a remote part of North Dakota where many other mutant families had found peace for the time being. It was a definite change from the city life of Chicago that Victor was use too but he slowly adapted, fascinated by the other mutants he met and realizing that he wasn’t alone as he had originally thought. (Back in Chicago, most of the mutants he knew did not have physical mutations like he had.) Able to start attending school once more, the young mutant progressed through the rest of his middle school career without problem, and into high school where he graduated with ease. It wasn’t long after this that anti-mutant sentiments once more caught up with the Borkowskis and Victor finally decided it would be best if he split ways with them in order to protect the family he loved.

He spent the next couple years attending a university in New York City in an attempt to get a degree in acting, an area in which he excelled, and while it was difficult he made it through nonetheless. While living in New York was nice he still received a lot of grief due to his obvious mutation and at times it made things extremely difficult. Several times he found himself jumped on his way home and, while able to get out of most of the scraps due to his mutation, it never made things any easier. Never one to give up though, Vic has made it his goal to hopefully finish school and land a job in the Theatre District. While well aware of the various super powered teams and the like, Victor has kept himself at a distance, just wanting to live a normal life.

Question is, is that really possible anymore?

RPG Information:
Gizmo/LJ Chat Screenname: camouflagedsoul
Played By/Player Base: Shia LaBeouf
Crystal: supernatural - teeheepetitebelette on June 19th, 2008 08:44 pm (UTC)
Your Character Application
Dear friendly neighborhood hopeful RPer,

Us mods are currently discussing your application (we saw it, don't worry!) and we will get back to you with a y/n as soon as it is mutantly possible to do so.

The Gods Mods
Crystal: chobits - plum - okey dokeypetitebelette on June 20th, 2008 01:40 am (UTC)
Us mods have reviewed your application thoroughly and have decided that you've passed our detailed and nitpicky scrutiny. This means that your application has BEEN ACCEPTED. YAY!

But wait! Two things must be discussed before you continue to step five of the application process:

  • Your character's journal. For the purposes of amx_men, we must ask that you create a new journal for your character to avoid any confusion when RPing.

  • Your player base. Shia LaBeouf is already taken. :(

Pending those two points, you are accepted! Welcome! XD

Crystal, Kayt, and Tegan!
petit_vert on June 20th, 2008 02:05 am (UTC)
No problem. ^_^ This'll be my journal name for dear Vic then. As for the player base, D: D:! But~ This just means I have to see if I can find a new one. ^_^ So for now I'm just going to use comic icons and do some searching to see if I can find another PB I like, as long as that's okay. ._.
Crystal: rob/kris - share a laughpetitebelette on June 20th, 2008 02:14 am (UTC)
Yay! Added you! I'll update the roster now, too. Oh, Vicky. *excited*
Of course that's okay! The PB is only for fun really, so take your time. ^_^
Kates!: squeekamikazescot on June 27th, 2008 03:15 am (UTC)
Quicksilver, part one/???
Your Name/Alias: Katie
Livejournal User Account: kamikazescot
Email Address: friendofabc@yahoo.com
Character: Pietro Maximoff; Quicksilver
LJ Account: fasterandbetter
Scene: Pietro smirked, looking at his half-sister. Oh Lorna, Lorna, Lorna. It didn’t matter that they were a blood relation. It would have mattered if it were anyone else, but Lorna? Not really. He quite frankly didn’t care about her that much. At the moment, he could afford not to. Simply put-he was part of the Brotherhood while she, for some insane reason, had joined the X-Men. Why? Pietro got tired of them quickly. Truth be told, he got tired of everything quickly. But he got tired of the X-Men especially quickly. God, they were so preachy. Just because Pietro was ready and willing to go to the extremes in order to get mutant rights, they felt that they had to judge him. How annoying.

“You know how this will end,” Pietro taunted, as he quickly dodged to the left of a fire hydrant thrown at him by his dear half-sister. She really was Daddy’s girl. He got super-speed and dear Wanda got the world’s most unstable power ever, but Lorna had Magneto’s gift. It was too bad that she had that atrocious hair color also. Naturally, Pietro assumed her ugly green hair was part of her mutant gift. Who would want to dye their hair such a nasty color? He usually was right about things like this anyway. As another fire hydrant zoomed towards his direction, Pietro sighed slightly and started to run.

Now, how to incapacitate Polaris. A slight frown formed on his face, as he thought at high speeds, running through almost all possible options. Hit her repeatedly with a blunt object? No, that might kill. Even if she was the black sheep, Lorna was family. Trip her? With what, his own feet? Bad idea. Run around her in fast circles. Yes. That was a good idea. Bravo Pietro, you did it again. Making a sharp left turn, he started to run. Lorna said something, but Pietro couldn’t hear her over the rush of the wind in his ears. “What’s that Polaris?” he jeered, smirking at her.

Suddenly, something hit him, hard in the chest. Pietro closed his eyes in shock as he flew back a good five or so feet. He landed on a bridge over the Potomac, thrown against one of the support poles. In the blink of an eye, he had opened his eyes, stood up and was quickly scanning the area. What in the world was that? He looked up and saw Storm. Ah, the weather witch. Why hadn’t somebody nailed her yet? Pietro scowled as he zoomed off the bridge, changing his target to Storm. God, he was working with idiots! Bringing his fist back, he swung about ten fast punches at her before running off. “Pyro, Toad, somebody stop Storm!” he yelled, skidding to a stop.

There was a slight cracking sound. Now, what could that be? Frowning slightly, Pietro quickly looked up. There was Lorna, floating in the sky, looking as unassuming as she could be. It was just that...if he squinted some, he could see a look of concentration on her face. Pietro’s face relaxed, as he chuckled softly. What could Lorna do? She had already hit him with the fire hydrants.

Suddenly, the supports for the bridge started to life up. Pietro raised an eyebrow, slightly scared yet slightly amazed. Lorna. Polaris, his half-sister. She could do THAT? Since WHEN?! Pietro noticed the small smile on Lorna’s face as she lifted the bridge up further. The cogs in Pietro’s mind, working at high speed, finally snapped together. And boy were they in trouble now. “Brotherhood, get the hell away! She’s going to thr-”

Before he could get his words out, Lorna let go of the bridge-right above their battlefield. Pietro’s eyes widened as he quickly zoomed off. There was no way he’d get beaten by a bridge. Death by bridge...that wouldn’t do. Not for him. That just sounded silly.

Character Information
Name: Pietro Maximoff
Codename: Quicksilver
Age/DOB: 30 / December 15
Affiliations: Brotherhood, Genosha
Occupation: Former assistant to Magneto

Physical Traits: Height: Six feet even.
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: White
Kates!: squeekamikazescot on June 27th, 2008 03:16 am (UTC)
Quicksilver, part two/two
Powers: Pietro has the power to move at superhuman speeds. His upper limit hasn’t been established, but it has been documented that Pietro can run faster than the speed of sound. If he gains the right momentum, Pietro can run across bodies of water and up the sides of buildings. His body is specially adapted for the rigors his powers give him. His joints and tendons are stronger, his brain processes information faster than a normal humans, his reaction times are faster, and his cardiovascular and respiratory systems are much more efficient than a normal person. Pietro can move any part of his body at super-human speed.

However, there are limitations to Pietro’s power. The faster he goes, the more easily he tires. So while he can run faster than the speed of sound, he won’t be able to run far. He can easily be tripped while running by means of sticky substances, slick substances. When it comes to running across water/up buildings, how far he can run is based on how much of a head start he gets. He has sunk before.
Personality: Pietro is a prick. Really. He’s naturally snide and sarcastic, especially to his own teammates. He thinks highly of himself-some times, too highly. In his mind, he’s the best. Because he’s a mutant, he thinks that he’s above petty things. He is proud that he’s the son of Magneto-this has given him quite the father complex as he wants to please his dad. Pietro is over-protective of his sister, Wanda, to the point of annoyance for her. Still, he loves Wanda dearly. For Pietro, life moves in high speed. He can’t stand slow people, waiting, or being patient. He tends to make impulsive decisions. This also leads to his quick temper and irritableness.

Backgrounder/History: Pietro and his sister Wanda were born to Magda in the Eastern European country of Transia. However, Magda died soon after giving birth to them. The twins were placed with a local Gypsy family, the Maximoffs, who raised the children as their own. All throughout childhood, Pietro lived with the Maximoffs, not knowing of his true mother or father. However, when he and Wanda grew to adulthood, their powers manifested, right in plain sight of the village. They were chased by a mob and, eventually, Pietro and Wanda ended up seperated.

Pietro spent some time wandering around Eastern Europe honing his powers and trying to find his sister. Then he heard of Genosha. Hearing that it was a mutant nation, Pietro quickly immigrated there, in hopes of finding Wanda and finding a place where mutants could live without any human prejudice. After living there for a few years, Pietro ended up in an audience with Magneto, one of the members of the Genoshian parliament. Magneto revealed to Pietro that he was his and Wanda’s father. This shocked poor Pietro but also energized him. Pietro ended up working for his father as an assistant of sorts, running errands and keeping things organized.

Pietro had only been working in Geonosha for a few years, when Friends of Humanity attacked. He had heard of the group of mutants who decided to live away from humanity in the Savage Land and, using his speed, ran there. Surprise-Magneto ended up showing up in the Savage Land intent on forming a new nation, free from human ties. Pietro instantly agreed and has been working with his father ever since then.

RPG Information:
Gizmo/LJ Chat Screenname: fasterandbetter
Played By/Player Base: ...I will totally come up with one later, when my brain is not killed by stuff.

I know that Pietro kind of has a history somewhat dependent on Magneto, so just tell me if you want me to change something! Also, this is all muffin_lover ‘s fault.
K-bogboggie on June 27th, 2008 03:33 am (UTC)
Re: Quicksilver, part two/two
Dear True Believer!

We've seen you application, and are in the process of deliberating, but we have to wait until the last member of our trifecta returns! We'll be contacting you poste haste once she does (sometime this weekend!)

Your Friend Neighbourhood Mod Squad
Crystal: moderator - mod squadpetitebelette on June 29th, 2008 09:13 pm (UTC)
Guess what??
Dear True Believer,

The remaining leg of our modly tripod has returned and after some more delberation we have decided that you are accepted! Yay! Please continue to step five of the application!

Crys, Tegan, and Kayt!

Edited at 2008-06-29 09:13 pm (UTC)
hard2begreen: bite liphard2begreen on July 9th, 2008 02:02 pm (UTC)
Your Name/Alias: Dea
Livejournal User Account: roguedawn
Email Address: akaalien@hotmail.com
Character: Please include your character's codename, if applicable. Lorna Dane/Polaris
LJ Account: hard2begreen
Scene: A 500-1000 word scene, featuring your character. The purpose of this scene is to demonstrate your knowledge and portrayal of the character's personality.-

She had never really thought of herself as an X-Man. She went to school and trained but there had been something missing. Perhaps it had been a reluctance to fully accept what she was, a constant longing for a normalcy she had never been allowed to know.

She had been better off not knowing.

The day she found out she was the spawn of a living devil she left the mansion. She left the angel that she loved and ran as far as she could. She missed him even after all these years but it never could have worked. How could it? He was the son of the man who invented the cure and she was the daughter of the terrorist that tried to kill him for it. She hoped he was happy, she never deserved him anyhow. It took a long time to accept the truth but in the end he wasn’t really her father, merely a sperm donor. Except she did have his chin but not his hunt for revenge and destruction. Right? Every time she got angry she wasn’t so sure. Was she meant to fight beside him? Would he even want her? He hadn’t before. A small part of her wished to be his daughter, for him to act like a father. She longed for family and acceptance but could she really allow herself to find that from a killer? She had made a vow to herself to never meet him, sometimes knowing only made things worse.

Much worse.

A year after she left she sent a lone letter to Warren. She told him she was sorry and what she really was. There was no return address. Perhaps it was cowardice but it was also acceptance that she wasn’t ready to go back yet. She needed to find who she was amongst the muck. She needed to prove to herself that she was more than her genes. Genetics could be damned; they had fucked up her life too much already. It was damn time she made good use out of them. Her siblings could have their father’s evil streak; she would take his powers. Looking back on herself from a few years ago it was hard to believe she was the same person. Gone are the days of shyness and hiding. She wore her hair out against the stares. The time for hiding was done now.

News of Genosha was everywhere and she knew now that she was a mutant. An X-Man. Blood was one thing but the soul and gut were something else and she knew which was right. She only hoped they would take her back, that it hadn’t been too long. They were the only real family she had left and she knew in her heart it was time to rejoin them.

Lorna took a deep breath as she reached for the phone, her pulse quickening as a voice came over the other side. “It’s Polaris, I don’t suppose you have a spare room? I’m ready to come home.”
hard2begreen: flashyhard2begreen on July 9th, 2008 02:02 pm (UTC)
RPG Information: You might remember me from XMH :P, I know I have been out but I just got back from backpacking. Missed you guys!! I’m also on Life Ahead on LJ which is a HP based RPG.

Gizmo/LJ Chat Screenname: hard2begreen

Played By/Player Base: Not required, but could be an interesting side-note, nonetheless. :): Hmmm it’s hard to find girls with green hair but if I find some I will let you know!
Crystal: gossip girl: serena; OMGpetitebelette on July 9th, 2008 02:06 pm (UTC)
DEA! *GLOMPS* Oh sweetie, of COURSE YOU ARE ACCEPTED. Go ahead and join and I'll add you to the roster and approve you!

I LOVE the scene, by the way. How was the trip??