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25 May 2008 @ 06:38 pm
team application process  

Team Application Process

If you feel that you want to start a new team, aside from he Brotherhood or the X-Men (Alpha Flight, or the Morlocks, for instance) you may apply to become a team leader. These applications will be subjected to more scrutiny than the character applications, and while much of the information required is similar, there are a few extra things you must do in order to get approved for a new team.

- You must have at least three months of regular activity within the community, both present individual situations demonstrating character mastery and collaborative story arcs illustrating proficiency with intercharacter dynamics and action sequences. Basically, be active and do it well.
- You must present an initial 'team arc' piece, accompanied by some form of collaborative response to it. You will be expected to present one of these every 1-2 months to keep your team active. If you go more than thee months without posting one of these arc summaries, your team will be put on reserve.
- You must have a minimum of three team members, including your character, at the time of application.

Why is this necessary? This is to illustrate the amount of responsibility involved in managing a new team. As team leader, you are effectively taking on some of the roles that our moderators do: we work hard to keep the community energized with new and ever changing events that have a team-wide effect. No team just sits at home and watches TV, either, and it's up to you as leader to guide your team on missions, through combat, to some purposeful end. What that is, however, can be completely up to you. (As long as you abide by the one most important rule: NO JEAN!)

To apply for a team, follow the steps below!

(1) Please comment with your finished application in the comments below. If you must post more than one comment because of the comment word limit, that's fine. Please indicate in the comment subject line it is a continuation of your application.


(2) Wait to be accepted. This may take anywhere from a few days to a week. If we don't respond after a week, please PM one of the mods to let us know you are still waiting.

(3) Introduce your new team! You may post your collaborative scene to do just that!

If, however, your application is rejected, you will unfortunately not be given the go-ahead to make your team.

Applications can be rejected for any of the following reasons:
- The application was not filled out correctly, or was filled out but was not submitted with the required application scene.
- Not enough research was done into the team, or, if research was done, it was poorly conveyed.
- It did not meet the requirements stated above.