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30 June 2008 @ 10:41 am
amx_press: about/rules/guidelines  
Community About/Rules/Guidelines
@ amx_press

amx_press is the press/media community for the X-men movie/comic RPG amx_men! This community is for posting articles, interviews, feature pieces, media broadcasts, etcetera set in the AMX universe.

All amx_men members are welcome to write for amx_press for their characters. Collaborative works are welcome as well!

Because the press reaches everyone in the AMX universe, all submitted entries to amx_press will be moderated for plot-checking. If you would like to contact the moderators first to okay your idea so you do not put so much energy into a press piece that does not get posted, you are welcome to do that as well! Please email amxmoderators@gmail.com with a description of your idea!

1.) Be courteous to your fellow RPers. Do not use their character in a press piece without their permission.

2.) We ask that any press piece be checked over for grammar and spelling errors. Not only will it look nicer, it will read easier for your fellow RPers.

3.) Make sure the piece goes along and makes sense with the current plotline.

When posting anything to amx_press, it is important to tag your entries correctly. Below is a list of pre-made tags for you to use which we will add to regularly:

cameo: iron man
character: anole
character: avalanche
character: boom boom
character: chamber
character: dazzler
character: elixir
character: hellion
character: iceman
character: magma
character: pixie
character: polaris
character: pyro
character: quicksilver
character: rogue
character: roulette
character: shadowcat
character: storm
character: talon
character: white queen
character: wither
character: wolverine
press: article
press: interview
press: feature
press: broadcast
restricted character: black king
restricted character: magneto
restricted character: professor x
team: hellfire club
team: x-men
team: the brotherhood

To post any press pice, please use the following format:
Subject line: